Dear Girl…

21 10 2010

I know someone, she is the best girl i’ve ever known. She is smart, strong, pretty, everytime i saw her, she is always outstanding everyone near her. Yet i know behind it she hid her real self. The one she rarely show anyone else, not even me. Even though i can say proudly that i am among the one she trust on things, she never show the real her to me. Sometimes i can see her, the one girl acting strong while inside she bear all the burden by her self. A girl that wants to cry but she cant. A girl that will smile to everyone and supporting everyone, making everyone feel at ease and thinking positively while inside her sadness growing.

She made a mistake. Honestly i should say its a stupid one. She fell in love to a wrong person. Someone that simply used her and dont want to take any responsibilities of what he had done. Someone that despite having being married, is saying sweet words at her first, luring her, trapping her, making her loving him and giving it all. Something she had never done before. Something i know that she never do. Probably she cant cry and she wont. But i know how bad she had been through. How bad the loss was. Loosing a child is never been a good thing. Knowing that child was not expected by the father is even worse. Having to loose the child because we CHOOSE to loose it is the worst of all.

I know that deep in her heart she cried for her unborn child. I can imagine how hurt it feels having to loose a child like that, without any support. Even from the “father”. I feel sorry for her. If only i can be there and comfort her when she need me. But here I am sitting here in front of the comp. Cant even being with her sharing her sadness and all, supporting her when she need someone to hang on to.

Just want to say I LOVE U girl. Im sorry i cant be there when you need me. You did your best girl… God bless you dear for thinking of others (I cant believe how kind you were to handle everything by yourself simply because you dont want to bother someone else’s “happy little family”). God bless you dear for shedding your tear for your baby. One day i know I will see you holding a baby just as you were dreaming before. I know you will become a good mother when the right time come. So please…wipe your tear girl. The time will come, and this time you will do the right thing 🙂

Dedicated to my dear girl out there…sorry for not being with you right now.


Its A Crazy World~

21 10 2010

I thought all those soap opera things exist only in TV…but guess i was wrong…now i know how mean people can be. I wish everything will be alright..

Waiii Bday Bday Bday~~~ 1/4 of Century!

18 06 2009

YAY!! 1/4 of the century at last!! Thank you hubby for giving me such a cuuute cards ^^ Love u and yes i will smile ^^ (*grinning widely*)

To My Husband..

16 06 2009

Dear hubby…

theres something i haven’t tell you…

but i decided to be honest for everything.

the time when i got the ‘answer’ which keep on coming to me whenever i pray, i made a decision..

if that what God showed me, is the best for me…

then i will take what he said it is for me..

I promised my self, if in this year the person that was in the answer coming back into my life and asking for a chance again then i will say yes.. I promised my self also that if in this year the person does not come, then I will be your legal wife for my entire life.

That was the decision i took for i am afraid of questioning God of why the answer is not you…

A Song From My Hubby <3

10 06 2009

I love you so much … Thank you for loving and caring for me ^^

I’ll Be Loving You (Forever)

I’m not that kind of guy who can take a broken heart
So don’t ever leave
I don’t want to see us part
The very thought of losing you means
That everything
Would go down under

[Chorus: ]

I’ll be loving you forever
Just as long as you want me to be
I’ll be loving you forever
All this love’s for you and me, yeah
(I’ll be loving you)
I’ll be
(I’ll be loving you)
Loving you
(The things you do)
Yeah, it’s forever
(I’ll be loving you)
I’ll be
(I’ll be loving you)
Loving you, yeah

I count the blessings that keep our love new
There’s one for me
And a million for you
There’s just so much that I want to say
But when I look at you
All my thoughts get in the way

[Chorus ]

We’ve learned to fall to every turn by now
This love will last forever
I can see it all now

(I’ll be loving you)
I’ll be
(I’ll be loving you)
Loving you
(The things you do)
Yeah, it’s forever
(I’ll be loving you)
I’ll be
(I’ll be loving you)
Loving only you, girl
Oh girl
I’ll be loving only you
(I’ll be loving you)
(I’ll be loving you)
Be loving you girl

How To Make Someone You Love Hate You?

9 06 2009

Hmm…I tried to do this because I dont want him to get hurt more than i have hurt him now…But i never succeed in doing so. It shattered my heart whenever i try to make him hating me, knowing that i cant bear having him loathing and hating me, even though i know it is for the best. I dont want him to go, while in my mind i know one of us should leave.  Any idea how to make this happen?

Lazy is my ultimate weakness!!

3 06 2009

damn…lazyness is really my weakness >,< i sud change that! starting from nOW! woohoooo!!